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Shepherds Hill House

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History of Shepherds Hill

Shepherds Hill Nursery is based in the grounds of Shepherds Hill House in Harefield which was built in 1700.


The house was for many years a private home and was last lived in by a family in the 1930's. The first car in the village was owned by the family at Shepherds Hill House. In the 1950's the house was sold to Middlesex County Council and used as a nurses' home by Harefield Hospital.


It was then passed to the Greater London Council and was turned into a field study centre where children from inner city schools could come to study nature.


Harefield is considered to be the last village in Middlesex and it has strong connections with Australia and New Zealand through the hospital and St. Mary's Church. The only English Pope came from Harefield and Queen Elizabeth I visited with her retinue in July 1602.